About Us

RUS Turquoise began as a gift from a man to his new wife.

Derek Foutz grew up close to the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. His family traded turquoise jewelry for four generations. From his grandfather, Derek learned all about the gem – its range of colors, cut, luster, and matrix. He learned to be a discerning buyer, to know authentic handmade Native American turquoise jewelry from its imitations.

Leaving home for college in Utah, Derek fell in love with a young Minnesota woman named Noelle. They shared a passion for rock-climbing, hiking, camping, endurance races, and the blue-green stones.

When Derek asked Noelle to marry him, he gave her a diamond ring and a necklace of raw turquoise. For their first Christmas, he gave her a traditional squash blossom necklace. For his birthday, Noelle bought Derek a turquoise bracelet.

Noelle and Derek founded RUS Turquoise to make high-quality turquoise available to others. RUS is derived from Latin for “In the countryside.” Our mission is to find the perfect piece for you or someone important in your life, a keepsake that will become a family heirloom with a story behind it just like the gifts the company’s founding couple have given to each other.